Bow Ear Cuff and Colored Ear Cuffs

I just wanted to add this post before I go to bed. I know many people loves bows so I'm trying to add more bows to my collection. I've had this ideal for a while now and when I finally made it, it turned out like how I imagined. However, it takes a little more time for me to make so I didn't want to use regular wire and have it overpriced. I also didn't want to use solid sterling silver wire because it would be expensive because sterling silver pricing is going up pretty fast. So, I ended up using sterling silver filled. Keep in mind it is not plated. Plated jewelry has a very thin layer of material on the top whereas filled jewelry contains a thicker coat which is bonded over a copper core. For now, I am only using this sterling silver filled wire to make the bow ear cuff. All other sterling silver pieces are solid.

 #283 Sterling Silver Filled Bow Knot Ear Cuff

#284 Three Ear Cuffs - Pink, Sea Green, Copper

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