Last Restock for Hello Kitty Stud Cuff Earring/Cartilage Double Piercing

This is the last time I am restocking these earrings. It was highly requested and although I received the supplies a week ago, I had to wait until orders slowed down a bit before I posted them back up. It has been really busy so I haven't been able to post up the new jewelry pieces that I created already. I have a bunch of new items coming soon. If you haven't noticed, I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning on taking a vacation to Seattle but that has been postponed until February. I will update on that more when it gets closer. So here they are... grab them while it's still available because there is only three pairs of each color and I've received a ton of emails for these earrings.

CE273 Hello Kitty Stud Cuff Earring or Cartilage/Double Piercing


Isabelx1004 said...

When will you have the CE273 Hello Kitty Stud Cuff Cartilage/Double piercing back in stock?

Isabelx1004 said...

awww i've been eyeing these FOREVER and finally got the money to buy, but you don't have black and pink anymore :(

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