New Dangle Earrings

So if you haven't visited my website before, there is a poll on the main page with a question asking what would you like to see more of. (If you haven't voted, I would really appreciate it if you dropped by and give your input. Thanks!)
The highest vote is for cuff earrings which is why I make so many. More is coming very soon. The second is for double piercing/cartilage earrings, which I've also been trying to make more recently. These are my top two sellers. Then there's the third highest vote which is surprisingly very close to the first two. Regular earrings. I will share with you that I hardly sell many earrings and but 24% of the votes asked for more earrings so I'm going to try to make more. Here is two I made so far.

#426 Angel Wings Star Dangle Earring
 Features angel wings and star charms on this dangle earring. Hooks are sterling silver.

#425 Star Eclipse Earring
Inspired by an earring in the movie, Eclipse, but with a mismatching twist. Hooks are surgical steel.

A little more about the star eclipse earring. I bought the blu-ray a while back and was watching the deleted scenes. There was one scene with Bella and Angela talking in someone's bedroom and I noticed Angela's earring. Then I decided to make a pair of it. So originally, it was just a matching pair of the right earring but it seemed....plain. That's when I thought of making this mismatched pair and I love it. It's something I'll be wearing myself. Well that's my little story. I'm hoping to make more inspired earrings in the future.

My next post will be on new cuff earrings. Check back soon!

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This site is about new dangle earrings, now many private companies are try to give a new look to these. They use modern design with stones and colors. Thanks...


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