Update 10/19

It's been a while since I last posted anything new. I have been very busy since I last added something new to my store. It even took me a while to send out the prize for my contest but it's been sent and received. I wish I had new things to show you all but I don't (at least not yet). However, I am bringing back a cuff earring that was discontinued. So here it is:

#208 Double Chain Star & Heart Cuff Earring
This single sided black and silver double chain cuff earring features a pewter heart stud and a star charm.

My laptop broke down on me a few weeks ago and sadly, I haven't backed up my laptop in a while so all my data are somewhat lost =(. I've been wanting a MacBook for a long time and I finally got it. I'm still learning and getting used to Mac so any tips are much appreciated. As for my old laptop, I'm still trying to get it to turn on. The problem was that the monitor won't turn on. This has happened before and I was able to eventually turn it on but so far, no luck. I am also planning on getting a new camera. I know I just got a camera less than a year ago but that's going to my husband so I could get a new one! =) I have my eye on a Canon Powershot S95 so hopefully I will get that soon. It will motivate me to take more pictures! Then I will be posting more pictures on this blog.

The holidays are just around the corner and I have some jewelry plans for this including some sales and deals so keep a lookout for that if you're planning on giving jewelry to loved ones.

My orders are not affected and I am still making orders fairly quickly as I have been. However, international orders will take a little longer since I cannot go to the post office as often as I had been before.

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Mary in Wonder said...

oh this earcuff is one of my favourites!^^ so cool!

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