is now open =)

I have been working on this site for almost 2 weeks and now it's finally (almost) finished. I wanted a site where I could organize my jewelry and have the ability to control how things look. I will only have one other site that will have my jewelry available for purchase, which is etsy. I will still have my blogger though. There's something about having this blog that I love but I can't get it on my site. They are both run by google and yet they have to be separate? Well as for now, I'm still here! So check it out!

I have actually been working on many new pieces but have not taken pictures of them. It's difficult with the horrible weather here. I'm not happy with the lighting but I will take pictures soon and post them up. There's actually a lot to post up.

And like I mentioned before, there will be a giveaway coming soon. I am still looking for prizes so hang tight and thanks for still subscribing with me =)

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